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When you screw up, skip a workout, eat bad foods, or sleep in, it doesn’t make you a bad person.
It makes you human.

Welcome to the club.

There’s like seven billion of us.

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I crave your legs intertwined with mine, I crave nothing but you, in the most simplest of ways.
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"Rainforest" - anachsunamon
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Anonymous: ha. hahaha. okay but she actually told me that it happened. at a bar and they were both drinking. which in my opinion doesnt make it okay but if you want to lack enough self respect to let someone treat you like that then be my guest. it was only a heads up that should have been taken with so much hostility. good luck with that.

go fuck yourself.

Anonymous: how are you even with that girl after she kept drunkenly hooking up with Sydnie until she moved? you deserve better then that.

alright, anon. clearly you’re a miserable piece of shit who is miserably full of shit. why does anything i do concern you AT ALL? did i mention that you’re full of shit? cause if you knew half of anything, you’d know that what you’re assuming is wrong.

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(by Ellie Niemeyer)
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L O V E💗 because when you love, you are using the greatest power in the universe 🌟
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☮ peace ✌ ❥love❤and☺happinessツ